Harmony: Empowering Newark Residents with Smart and Inclusive Service Integration

Smart city services are deeply embedded in modern cities aiming to enhance various aspects of citizens' lives. However, underlying expected or unexpected couplings among services due to complex interactions of social and physical activities are under-explored, which lead to potential conflicts. Using City of Newark in New Jersey as a testbed, this project aims to develop ways of reducing conflicts for ensuring social inclusion and equity of city services to achieve a "harmony" among various services.


3 Years (10/2020 - 09/2023)

$2.3 Million Budget

4 Universities (Rutgers, UVA, SBU, UConn)

7 Faculty (CS, Engineering, Policy)

10+ PhD/master Students

4 Industry and Non-Profit Collaborators

Focused on City of Newark

Working Directly with City Officials

Potential Transferability to Other Cities

Part of NSF Smart and Connected Community Program


Develop a socially-aware conflict management theory called Harmony for City Service Integration with five components:

  • Service Conflict Specification;

  • Service Conflict Detection;

  • Service Conflict Resolution;

  • Service Conflict Prevention;

  • Social Intervention for Tech Dissemination and Edu Outreach.

Implement Harmony by working with our partners in City of Newark, NJ.


Grounded in social science where new insights were drawn from social data collection to build a consensus on service conflicts.

Materialized with a set of socially-informed technological merits for conflict specification, detection, resolution, and prevention.

Evaluated with both technological and social experiments.

Societal impacts are created through social interventions to inclusively and equitably benefit diverse stakeholders of service conflicts.



Our paper got accepted by ICRA’24.


Our paper got accepted by WWW’24.


Our paper won the Best Paper Award in CIKM'23.


3 papers got accepted by CIKM'23.



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