Proposed Conflict Management Theory

We propose five tasks to develop our conflict management theory by integrating social and technological sciences. The interactions of these five tasks are given in steps 1-5 below with three kinds of stakeholders, i.e., Average Citizens, City Operators, and Service Providers.

  1. Service providers submit requests for city resources to city operators at Operation Center (OC), which runs a Conflict Detection module (Research Task T2) based on a Conflict Specification tool (Research Task T1) under city requirements;
  2. If a conflict was detected, OC will run a Conflict Resolution module (Research Task T3) to study various tradeoffs to approve or reject the requests creating this conflict;
  3. Approved requests will be acted upon city resources to update city states;
  4. Rejected requests will be sent back to providers possibly with suggestions;
  5. Based on updated city states and resolution decisions, all providers will utilize a local conflict prevention module (Research Task T4) to submit new requests to minimize future conflicts.

Finally, we propose a Social Intervention (Research Task T5) module to empower all stakeholders during the process.

Proposed Conflict Management Theory
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