Broader Impact

Social and Technological Impact beyond Service Conflicts

The theory and models we proposed have potential impacts beyond smart city service conflict management to address the fundamental systems-of-systems challenge in multi-stakeholder open environments where

  • each uncertain interaction (e.g., conflicts) between systems can be modeled as a task;
  • the detection/resolution process of one interaction improves the process of other correlated interactions.

Thus, its potential impacts go beyond smart city services for use cases with a generic setting of systems-of-systems with uncertain conflicts such as

  • Smart rural communities
  • Transportation systems
  • Power grids
  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare


This project will support a few education activities well-integrated with the proposed research by working with our non-profit collaborators at Black Data Processing Associates and ASPIRA Inc, such as​

  • Education and Technology Dissemination Session Newark Community
  • Graduate and Undergrad Courses
  • K-12 Summer Research Program
  • Female & Minority
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